Department of Orthopedics

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Orthopaedics is not just about the bones in your body. It is a line of treatment and surgery involving musculoskeletal system, including degenerative conditions, trauma, sports injury, tumors, and congenital issues. Our team of orthopaedicians and surgeons are experienced to treat you appropriately with any of bone and spine-related disorders and conditions with the right approach to get you back on your feet in the shortest time.

At the Department of Orthopaedics, from a fracture to a debilitating spinal injury, all bone-related conditions are treated delicately. Ultra-modern facilities and technology is put to the best possible use in treating spectrum of orthopaedic conditions and our skilled orthopaedicians ensure you are up and mobile as soon as before. Expertise with multidisciplinary orthopaedic services and cutting edge technology needed to provide an accurate diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation are available to ensure patients has a pleasant experience with us.


The Orthopaedic Department offers interdisciplinary solutions for a full spectrum of acute and chronic musculoskeletal disorders. State-of-the-art trauma & accident surgery, sports medicine, arthroscopy, joint replacements, limb deformity correction, reconstruction ortho oncology, hand, wrist, and pediatric ortho care.


Facilities & Services

The scope of the Orthopaedics Department at Ramaiah Leena Hospitals includes both general and surgical treatments. General Orthopaedics caters to Shoulder, Knees, Sports Medicine, Trauma, Pediatrics, Joint Replacement Surgeries, Physiotherapy, and Total Hip Replacement.

The Scope of Surgeries includes

  • Arthroplasty

  • Orthobiologics

  • Cartilage restoration and joint preservation procedures

  • Fracture surgeries, including complex articular reconstructions, Salvage procedures for neglected trauma and polytrauma management.


Sub-speciality surgeries include

  • Treatment of congenital and developmental disorders in children

  • Limb preservation and oncological reconstruction

  • Hand and wrist disorders.


Pre-surgery and post-surgery assistance from all medical, surgical and nursing areas help in speedy recovery of all surgery patients.


List of few procedures

  • Trauma

  • Joint Health

  • Hip Replacement

  • Knee Replacement

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Dr.Prakash Sakkanavar

Consultant - Orthopedics



Consultant - Orthopedics

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Consultant - Orthopedics